Friday, 14 September 2012

Oh No, I've been banned by a Wrestling Forum

I dared to respond to thread about Chris Benoit. I was then insulted

Actually, to be honest, I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed, but fuck it. Internet Forums are poisoned places where people like to hate because, unlike some of us, they haven't got the balls to tell people they fucking suck in real life.    

This is what happened.

[QUOTE=Evolution;12016560]Are you serious? The thread was clearly to be about his RING ABILITY and him as a wrestler and you didn't offer any opinion on any of it and went straight to the topic that the OP ASKED SPECIFICALLY not to bring up, then you go ahead and say "this thread will turn into blah blah blah" when it's YOU that's making the thread about that.
Fuck off.

I'm aware that this thread is about his ring ability. I'm not a fucking moron.

The OP is a new poster. I was simply making the point that a lot of people on here can't see past that fact that Chris Benoit was one of the greatest in the ring, despite his last 72 hours, hence the words

"Lots of people on here can't separate the last 72 hours of his life from everything else he did"

I am a huge Benoit fan, as I have made clear many times on this forum and was just pointing out that generally on WF, if you praise Chris Benoit, you get a fuckload of abuse (as I have received before)

Actually, why am I defending myself? If you can't read and interpret, then fuck you.

I'm sick of that on here. The amount of fucking testosterone. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they want to rape your mother and kill your dog. Don't be so fucking aggressive, because all you do is irritate people like me who just want to discuss wrestling. I don't fucking care who you like, who you hate, where you live, what you do, who you listen to, what you watch on TV, what you don't watch, what you read, who you fuck, who you want to fuck. That goes for anyone with any fucking username on this or any forum.

If you can't be bothered to read what people say and instead just want to assume what people have said then fuck you, and fuck everyone with your attitude

That's the problem with this fucking world. People don't want to listen, and be challenged and maybe learn something. They just want to coast by assuming what people have said because it's fucking easier. They are the sort of people who come up with sarcastic comments to a man telling the truth because they don't know how to have their own opinions. It's also the line of thinking that lands us in wars and sends the more meat-headed of our generation to risk their lives in pointless conflicts. 

Learn to disagree motherfuckers.

If you agree with me, then cool, let's chat. if you don't, then cool as well, let's chat about why we don't agree. Just be aware that I will probably ask you why you don't agree. If you want to reply with a load of abuse then fuck you as a human being and pity your education, which clearly didn't teach you how to debate and put your case in a positive way. I can't be bothered with cunts who don't understand a conversation. All I want is a discussion, on a discussion forum.

Rant over,

Cue the butt hurt comments,

Actually, fuck you as well. Fuck you for not understanding that people can be upset by anything in life, and they have right to say so. Fuck you for not understanding that. Fuck you for not wanting to understand that some of us bash our heads against a fucking wall trying to make ourselves heard and fail because other people don't know how to react to someone who sees ignorance for the cancer that it is. Fuck you for laughing. Fuck you for not realising that it's people like us that will actually save you from the totalitarian cock you are happily sucking and the poisoned cum that you are swallowing.

Take an opinion for what it is, agree of disagree, just dispense with the personal abuse. Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you have to be a cunt.

"So may fears, so many prophesies, what we need now is a change of ideas"

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