Friday, 9 March 2012

WWE, Fantasy Booking, The Streak, The Undertaker, Triple H, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and everything else - Holy Shit E.C.W. E.C.W.

Onto another of my interests. Yes, Professional Wrestling.

I have my own finishing move. It's called the Original Sin. It can be technically described as a Running Tilt-a-Whirl Sit-out Powerbomb. Effective and very violent looking

Anyway, I wish to talk about The Undertaker

To confirm, I love The Undertaker. I feel as a character he is amazing, and I think he is one of the most athletic “big men” at a true technically gifted wrestler. He may be getting old, but that's fine, he can still put a match on. I'm also a massive fan of Triple H. Not so much of Shawn Michael (Backstage Tosspot, refused to drop titles to anyone, broke his back, claimed Jesus cured it)

Anyway, entering Wrestlemania 28, he is going to wrestle Triple H, in a Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels as Guest Referee.

If you've read this blog this far, I'm guessing you're a wrestling fan, so I'm not going to explain the whole DX thing. I also won't explain The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania, as you will already know.

Anyway. I was hoping this match wasn't going to have a guest referee, but it's got one now. I'm hoping the WWE do the right thing. Triple H cannot win this match. It would be an abomination.

Don't get me wrong, the Streak does have to end, but not now. The way I see it, Taker wins this match, but HHH wins a match at a PPV fairly soon. Taker goes into hiding. Meanwhile, HHH builds up a contender, someone who he thinks can take it to the Deadman, he holds matches making it initially not making it clear why. These matches go on for a few months, and eventually a foursome of contenders appear, a "veteran" (At The Moment - Orton), 2 middle to big carders (ATM - Barrett and Ziggler) and someone quite low but with potential (can't think of anyone specific, but in my opinion, Heath Slater).

These guys have matches on and off for a while until late in the year, when HHH announces that "I will name a man to challenge the Undertaker at WM29" (welcome to the fantasy booking aspect) “He will do what I couldn't do, put the undertaker away at Wrestlemania” There is a tournament type thing in which Orton beats Slater (very hard fought) and Barrett beats Ziggler. HHH calls a match at the rumble between Orton and Barrett, with the stipulation that the winner challenges the Undertaker. Barrett wins the match and faces The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. The match is set for a proper match (i.e. no stipulation, one on one) and The Undertaker wins. Barrett is furious. Thinking he should have won, and vows at Wrestlemania 30, he will get his revenge. This builds throughout the year, with Taker taking the HHH role from this time round (I'm not going to fight you) Then Barrett forces him to do it, and Undertaker accepts a Buried Alive match.

Barrett Wins, in a proper main event at Wrestlemania and the Undertaker is Buried Alive.

That way. Undertaker gives the rub to someone worthwhile (insert your own wrestlers, these were my preferences) at Wrestlemania and in wrestling tradition, loses his last match. A glittering career ending in the right way, passing the torch. Into the bargin, Barrett (or whoever they use) looks better than HHH, who he can then beat at another PPV and is given the push of his life and is a genuine main event wrestler and the biggest heel in the company.

I guess what I'm saying is Please God, don't give it to HHH. It would be totally wrong. HHH doesn't need it and if he takes it, it's just feeding his ego. If HHH beats Undertaker at Wrestlemania, we'll have to resort to calling him Triple Nash.

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